Global and transnational sociology is the study of social structures and processes that transcend or go beyond the national level.

The field covers a wide range of social, political, economic, and cultural phenomena. Some are transnational by definition, such as international organizations and associations, economic globalization, global production systems and value chains, and the cross-national diffusion of norms and culture such as human and minority rights. Others may be strongly rooted at the national level, but nonetheless have important transnational dimensions, such as inequality, social movements, migration, environmental problems and movements, public opinion, religion, sports, and communications.


The ASA Council approved the Global and Transnational section formation in 2008, and initial business meetings in 2008 (Boston) and 2009 (San Francisco) have been well attended.

In August 2009, members ratified provisional by-laws and elected inaugural officers and council members.

Global and Transnational Sociology Section

American Sociology Association

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